Grant Butler

Grant has been Country Director in Kuwait since summer 2014. After graduating in Electrical Engineering he worked as an English teacher in Greece and Poland before joining the British Council in Morocco.  He has since taken up management positions in Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong and Italy. His professional interests are marketing and customer service and he enjoys music, literature and outdoor activities.  

John Russell
Deputy Teaching Centre Manager

John has worked for the Teaching Centre in Kuwait for the last 3 years. His previous British Council postings as a manager over the last 11 years include: Mauritius, Rome and Cairo. John trained as a pianist and organist before studying International Relations at University. Prior to joining the British Council he worked in Romania as a trainer for International House.  

Frazer Melville
Teaching Centre Manager - Young Learners

Frazer has been the YL manager at Teaching Centre Kuwait since 2013 and he was previously YL academic manager with the British Council in Bahrain. He has worked at British Councils in Europe and Asia in a variety of roles and holds a Masters degree in TESOL.  He enjoys music, reading and travel in his free time.

Liana Carusi
Assistant Director Resources

Liana has been Assistant Director Resources in Kuwait since 2011, before that she worked in the British Council in her hometown, Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a degree in Economics, master’s degree in Finance and is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English. She enjoys working in an intercultural environment and her passion is travelling.

Liana Carusi Assistant Director Resources

Jim O'Neill
Deputy Country Exams Manager

Jim has worked in the education profession since 1996. His career to date has involved working abroad in four continents as well as managing ESOL for asylum seekers/refugees in the UK Further Education sector. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Masters in Educational Leadership. Professional interests include spotting opportunities to do things better and getting the most from performance management processes. Main challenges faced away from work are mountaineering and parenting.

Mais Montazar
Assistant Director Partnerships and Marketing

Mais has been working with British Council since 2012. She is responsible for partnership work across different projects as well as all marketing activities. Mais has more than 11 years of senior management experience in Business Development and Marketing from different sectors. She has worked as Director of Sales and Marketing in Dubai, UK, Canada and Kuwait. She is passionate about her work at British Council and enjoys working with motivating new talents. 

Assistant Director Partnerships and marketing

Hisham I. Khalil
Digital and Communications Manager

Hisham has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing, he has been working in the marketing field at the British Council since 2012. He is currently our Digital and Communications Manager. Hisham is passionate about music and plays a number of instruments, he also enjoys travelling.

Digital and Communication Manager

Tony Skinner
Project Manager

Tony Skinner has worked as a project manager at the British Council Kuwait since 2004. During that time he has led on numerous projects and in particularly the Skills for Employability programme, which has as its core focus to support entrepreneurs and small business sector in Kuwait.

Tony Skinner Project Manager

Imran Yousef
SIEM Project Manager

Imran has been a Project Manager since November 2011. Before that he was part of research department at Kuwait University engineering department. He has graduated from the UK and has a masters degree from the University of Manchester in Aerospace Engineering. During his time at British Council he has led on various projects in promoting UK education and is leading on local higher education institutions in establishing academic and research links with the UK HE institutes and research centre.

Shaimaa Refaat Khalil
Customer Services Manager

Shaimaa has been Customer Services Manager in Kuwait since 2008, before that she worked for Egypt office as Customer Services Adviser. She holds a degree in English Language from Al-Alsun faculty in Egypt. Shaimaa loves working with customers and feels proud in helping them.

Shaimaa Refaat Khalil Customer Services Manager