Kuwait-UK Alumni Network

The UK and Kuwait have an important, long-standing relationship, strengthened through the strong individual connections that many Kuwaitis cherish since they attended UK academic institutions. British Council Kuwait would like to connect with anyone who has studied in the UK to join our group of Alumni.

The UK Alumni Network is a Gulf wide initiative, so by joining you will gain the opportunity to meet your peers in Kuwait as well as in the region.

The Alumni Network offers a programme of activities that will provide its members with many opportunities to meet and exchange experiences; to learn and develop their careers; to support and mentor recent graduates and to inspire the next generation of leaders in Kuwait.


  • you are a citizen or a resident of Kuwait
  • You have spent a minimum of one month studying in the UK at university degree level at an officially recognised/listed UK higher or further education institution*
  • You have studied at a UK Higher Education Institute (HEI) branch campus outside of the UK or have studied in the UK as part of a study abroad programme. So long as you’ve spent a minimum of 1 month studying in the UK at a HEI.


*officially recognised/listed UK higher or further education institution is defined as one that appears on either this list or this list.

If you would like to apply, please complete the Kuwait UK Alumni Network registration form.

Kindly note that registering via the link does not guarantee acceptance into the network.

If you have any questions, please contact us at alumni.kuwait@britishcouncil.org

Events calendar:




Ramadan Ghabqa

An exclusive event focussing on newly graduated Kuwait-UK Alumni Network members.

5 Jun, 2017