Is English critical to the success of your business? Our English courses for companies are designed to improve the skills, motivation and performance of teams and individuals in the workplace.

A number of companies send employees to our standard range of English courses. The content and topics of these lessons are pre-defined and allow students to progress through a full range of levels.

This course flexibility can be attractive to course participants as we offer a range of timings for each level of study. Participants can choose times suitable to their work and personal schedules.  

English assessment for companies 

We use the Aptis test to assess the English level of your employees. Aptis is a modern and flexible English assessment system designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations and individuals around the world. Aptis is a business-to-business product, which is used by organisations and institution to benchmark the English language levels of their employees, potential employees, students or teachers.

Testing English levels from A1-C on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Aptis is an English test for adults (16+), which can be used to assess ability in all four English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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