What we do

We are committed to international development and the empowerment of individuals and communities through the arts – connecting the creative sector and audiences in Kuwait with the best of UK contemporary arts.

Supporting artists

We’re passionate about helping young Kuwaitis pave a career in the arts and we support them with:

  • skills development
  • opportunities to showcase work
  • networking.

We secure relationships with creative partners internationally to deliver exciting projects in Kuwait, from theatre and dance to visual arts and design.

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For more information about our running activities please send us enquiry form.

Sound art

“The greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life.” – Pablo Casals. You have been to the galleries, you’ve seen and felt tangible pieces of art, but have you had the opportunity to hear it? To create it? Our work in music covers a wide variety of genres, ranging from electronica and jazz to folk, classical and contemporary music. We work with our partners to plan, resource, deliver and evaluate high-impact arts projects involving professional artists and organisations from the UK.