The British Council Partner Schools is a British Council enhanced support service for partner schools that deliver an international UK curriculum leading to exams such as the O level, International GCSE and A level, administered in cooperation with the British Council. It is a global community, in which British Council provides professional support and quality service for leaders, teachers, students and parents.

There are over 2000 schools in the worldwide network across 34 countries around the world, throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. 

About British Council Partner Schools

Through the British Council Partner Schools, we integrate our vast network and intensive resource in the field of English, Education and Exams operations, the British Council offers a wide range of benefits and professional services to our member schools so as to enhance schools’ competitive advantages and enjoy sustainable growth of business together.

Schools in Kuwait can now join British Council’s global community of thousands of ambitious schools and institutions by becoming a British Council Partner Schools member.

Why join the British Council Partner Schools programme

By joining the British Council Partner Schools programme, we connect you with respected UK school exam boards offering globally recognised international qualifications from the UK, such as Cambridge Assessment International Examination, Oxford International AQA  and Pearson Edexcel. The programme from the British Council includes essential exams services and value added offers aimed at providing holistic support for learners, parents, teaching staff, school leaders and whole school development.

Partnering with us in British Council Partner Schools programme enables you to:

  • Benefit from our high standards of customer services on exams administration and extensive expertise on English language assessment
  • Join the British Council’s Network on a regional and global level to connect with thousands of international schools
  • Enhance Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for school leaders and teachers by enjoying our abundant online and offline resources and programmes
  • Get assistance from professionals to achieve sustainable whole school development
  • Enjoy substantial resources around learner support for child protection, exams preparation and English language learning

How to join the British Council Partner Schools

Becoming a British Council Partner Schools member is a straightforward process requiring only the following steps.

·     Start with reading our requirements outline in the Requirements and Fee section below

·       Contact us to express your interest – we will be in touch within 5 working days

·        Allow a British Council representative to perform an approval visit. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you

·       Receive and sign the contract letter once approved


Requirements and fee

All schools are expected to meet requirements to become a British Council Partner Schools Member School which include:

  • Attain appropriate government approvals and other business certificates to legally recruit students and operate a full-time teaching school
  • Be appropriately resourced with sufficient staff employed in management, teaching and support roles
  • Provide appropriate premises and facilities to create a positive learning environment for student
  • Equip with appropriate facilities that comply with our regulations for accommodating examinations
  • Deliver International UK school exams in partnership with the British Council
  • There will be no registration charges for Schools registering for International UK School Qualifications, e.g. A level and International GCSE exams. However, Examination fees will be communicated  with the School for the session.