Our programmes for UK Alumni help build long-lasting connections so people are able to build on their international experience. When you sign up to our Gulf-UK Alumni Network you will join a distinguished group of UK Alumni from across the region including senior figures in government, business and civil society.

The British Council Kuwait has been running its flagship UK Alumni programme since 2017, which is part of its work on supporting the Gulf Strategy objective of strengthening people-to-people links with emerging leaders in Kuwait. The UK Alumni brings together graduates and business leaders that have studied in the UK and are now back in Kuwait. The programme provides members with opportunities to meet and exchange experiences across its wide-ranging influential Kuwait-based Alumni Network. 

The programme also offers a variety of events, like workshops, talks and global Awards to support UK Alumni by mentoring recent graduates, develop their careers and inspire the next generation of leaders in the Gulf. 

This year’s programme will build on the successful Alumni Network established over the last four years and focuses on furthering the British Embassy Kuwait Country Business Plan priority of open societies and UK prosperity. The programme also focuses on engagement in high-interest sectors such as climate change, sustainable development, and women’s empowerment.

The UK Alumni programme is funded by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK and delivered in partnership with British Council Kuwait 

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We hope to see you at our events!

All events and activities are free of charge for UK Alumni.

Women in Politics | 23rd March 2022

Following International Women’s Day, the British Council Kuwait is collaborating with Mudhawi’s List to bring you an event on women in politics. Join us for an evening of conversation with a group of influential women to discuss why female representation has fallen and the advantages of women participating in politics which can result in balanced perspectives including the advancement of gender equality.

Our Speakers

  • Alanoud Al Sharekh
  • Leanah AlAwadhi
  • Dr Salwa Al Jassar


Women in Research National Conference | 9th March 2022

Reflecting on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and International Women's Day, the British Council Kuwait is collaborating with the Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST) on an event on the 9th of March to celebrate the role of women in research. The event, which is part of our UK Alumni programme, will invite influential speakers from the Kuwaiti community to shed the limelight on the innovative work done by a diverse group of females in the fields of research and stress the implications of their contribution for the greater society. 

Our speakers

  • Dr Randa Diab-Bahman, Head of Student Life & Alumni/Lecturer, Kuwait College of Science & Technology, Kuwait.  
  • Dr Reem Al Qenai, Assistant Professor at the English & General Studies Department, Kuwait Technical College. 
  • Eng. Reem Al Shammeri, Lab Assistant at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Kuwait College of Science and Technology.
  • Sharifa Hamadah, Researcher at The Arab Planning Institute

     Our Panel Discussions Participants

  • Dr Abrar Al-Enzi, Assistant Professor at Gulf University for Science and Technology.
  • Dr Haneen Al Ghabra, Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Culture at the Department of Mass Communications at Kuwait University.
  • Dr Fatemah AlMosawi, A social entrepreneur and innovator at Alpassion. 

Moderated by:

Dr Nada Al Mutawa, Scholar/ Women Activist 


Raising Our Voices - Gender Inclusion | 26th January 2022

The Global 16 Days of Activism Campaign which raises awareness on violence against women marked its 30th anniversary in 2021 and the British Council is joining this important cause by hosting a UK Alumni Professional Talk on gender-based violence and gender equality. 

Our speakers

  • Sundus Hussain, IT Consultant Competition Protection Authority & Founding Member of Abolish 153, is a national campaign led by a group of activists in Kuwait concerned with ending all forms of violence against women in the Arabian Gulf and the region.
  • Mae Alhajjaj, Educational Consultant & President, Soroptimist Kuwait, an international organisation and network with a mission to ensure the needs of women and girls are represented in global policy and agenda-setting.
  • Almaha Almari, Investment Analysts at Kuwait Investment Authority & Board Member at Women's Cultural and Social Society, one of the oldest NGOs and women-focused groups in Kuwait active in education and empowering young girls.

Climate Change – Science, Grassroots & Big Business | 29th November 2021

Hear from three industry leaders on the role of smart cities in combating climate change, new concepts to tackle global warming, and the overall urgency of the climate change challenge and how to overcome them on grassroots and big business levels.

Our speakers

  • Farah Naz, Sustainability Consultant in Dubai with Buro Happold Engineering 
  • Carina Maceira, Environmentalist, Director and Co-founder of Trash Tag Kuwait, 
  • Alanoud Al-Ragum, Associate Research Scientist, 

Moderated by:

Dr. Brett Lyons: Environmental scientist 


Marketing – The Digital Difference | 1st November 2021

Marketing has been around since the dawn of time. Rapid social and technological changes, accelerated by the global pandemic, have driven markets and their customers online in game-changing numbers. This will be an interactive webinar exploring what the new digital marketing landscape means for you as a customer. citizen and career-maker.


Dr Terry O’Sullivan is Management Senior Lecturer, The Open University Business School  

Terry’s marketing experience includes fast-moving consumer goods and theatre marketing. He became a full-time academic in 2002. Between 2015 and 2017 as MOOC Programme Director for the Open University’s Faculty of Business and Law he led the development of over 16 Massive Open Online Courses, including the four-course program Managing in the Digital Economy, and has more recently been working on a project to integrate digital marketing into the business school curriculum. His new book ‘Business Networking: Innovation and Ideas in Theory and Practice’, jointly authored with Dr Catherine O’Sullivan, was published by Routledge in November 2021.

Stories Told Anywhere : How innovative technology is inspiring new meaningful cultural experiences | 28th March 2021

This talk will be an inspiring introduction to the possibilities of using technology to create exciting works of art and cultural experiences at both large-scale and intimate levels. May will focus on innovation in digital storytelling during the pandemic and she will explain some of her own work as well as looking at other UK projects.

Ms. May Abdalla – Director of Anagram Studio 

May Abdalla works with technology to create sensory stories that help us to reimagine the world and our place in it. In 2013 she co-founded Anagram, an award-winning creative studio specialising in thought-provoking interactive storytelling and immersive experience design. Their work has toured internationally at festivals, public space and museums. Door Into The Dark, a blindfolded experience about being lost won the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award. The Collider, a VR installation about power dynamics was selected for Best of VR at Venice Film Festival and Best Immersive Art Award at Sandbox Festival in China. Her project A Face To Open Doors, an encounter with an AI border guard from the future is now at the Imperial War Museum in London. She is presently working on a AR experience about plant intelligence.

Women Pioneers Panel Discussion | 23rd March 2021

Ms Samia Alduaij - Senior Environmental Specialist

Ms Samia is a Senior Environmental Specialist from Kuwait with almost 20 years’ experience in international development, environmental management, policy analysis and in scientific/ research institutions. She has worked for the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa region and with United Nations Development Programme as a staff member and more recently as a consultant. Her work has consisted mostly of operational projects and technical assistance programs related to environmental policy, management, safeguards, environmental economics, legislation and sustainable development of natural resources in Kuwait, Bahrain Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan, Djibouti and Syria. She has worked on developing two regional initiatives related to the sustainable management of the marine environment in the Arabian Gulf  and the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. She is currently working with the World Bank on the development of an integrated solid waste management action plan for Kuwait.

Dr Bashayer Al Majed - Assistant Professor of Law , Kuwait University Law School

Dr Bashayer obtained her PhD from Leeds University , UK .She has delivered various academic papers at conferences in the UK, France and Kuwait, including addressing misconceptions of Middle Eastern Law by the Western World. She has published various academic legal papers ,  delivered two TEDx talks, with a goal of empowering young people, and young women in particular, to strive for bolder dreams and to support one another to build a stronger economic future for all. Dr Bashayer recently won UK’s International Muslim of the Year Award 2020 and she is the first Arab woman to receive this honour, which is due to her extensive contribution in fields of economics, law and politics.

Moderator : Ms Victoria Hogg - Filmmaker & researcher , Grit

Born and raised in Kuwait to British parents, Victoria returned to Kuwait 10 years ago after completing a BA in English with Media Studies and MSc in Marketing - where she focused primarily on the representation of female Fairtrade workers in western glossy magazines. Her interest in the intersection between representation and ethics, particularly related to the female voice, is carried through in her current work. Victoria had her directorial debut with the launch of @watchgrit in 2018 - this non-profit platform explores female narratives through the female lens and brings awareness to key issues that are often not discussed in popular discourse, including the pressure on women to "out-achieve" their peers and the negative impact of social media on women's daily lives. Professionally, Victoria is a marketing strategist who has held progressively senior roles at some of the most globally recognized companies, including Alshaya Group and NBK.

Hidden Heroes of COVID-19 Pandemic Talk | 21st March 2021

Ms Alanood Abdullah AlSharhan - Senior Programmer of Delivery at the Education department in Sheikh Abdullah AlSalem Cultural Center

Alanood AlSharhan is currently the senior programmer of delivery in the Education department at Sheikh Abdullah AlSalem Cultural Center, prior to working at the center, she has worked in both the public and private sectors in Kuwait. She holds an MSc in Marketing, a postgraduate diploma in business and hospitality from the University of Brighton and a BSc in marketing from GUST. She is involved with several projects in Kuwait, she is a guide in the media community of the KAFO initiative and a member of Soroptimist Kuwait. Her current research interests include behavioural economics, sustainable development, and cognitive dissonance.

Dr Hamad Yaseen - Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine, Kuwait University. Research Associate, Dasman Diabetes Institute & Member of Board of Directors, The Scientific Center.

Dr Hamad Yaseen An Associate professor of Genomic Medicine in the Health Sciences Center in Kuwait University, Research Associate at Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait and a board member at Kuwait Scientific Center. He completed his Bachelor of Sciences in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University in 2005 and then earned his MSc. and PhD in Medical Genetics from the Institute of Genetic Medicine in Newcastle University in the UK. Hamad’s research focuses on the molecular diagnosis of Chronic kidney diseases including Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) and Diabetic nephropathy. He is currently investigating the potential use of urinary exosomes as biomarkers for disease diagnosis and progression.

Dr Randa Diab-Bahman - Lecturer & Head of Student Life & Alumni, Kuwait College of Science & Technology

Dr Randa Diab-Bahman is an advocate for empowerment, equality and change. She has successfully established several non-profit groups which serve a spectrum of causes and have a global reach. She strives to help remote communities,  especially those with women & children, and provides opportunities for the local youth to get involved and give back.  Her research interests include corporate social responsibility, sociology and applied psychology. She holds a Master’s degree in science from the UK and a Doctorate in Business Studies from France. She is currently undergoing her second Doctorate (UK) and lecturing at the Faculty of Business at the Kuwait College of Science & Technology. 

Dr Abdullah Ahmad Al-Shammari - Assistant Professor of Mathematical Biology , Kuwait University & Research Associate , Dasman Diabetes Institute

I am a mathematician working at the interface of mathematics and biology, with training at NYU's Courant Institute and the University of Oxford, where I received my D.Phil. in Mathematical Biology. While in Oxford, I earned two awards for my research on capillary supply, a Landahl-Busenburg Award from the Society of Mathematical Biology and a Young Investigator Award from the European Society for Microcirculation. As an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University and a Research Associate at Dasman Diabetes Institute, I have been pushing the local modelling efforts in response to Kuwait's current diabetes and COVID-19 epidemics.

Moderator : Athoob Abdullah Alshuaibi - Co-founder of Masaha Studio

A former journalist and photographer who studied visual communication in the United Kingdom and has worked in the media field since 1998.  Her work was exhibited in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United States of America. She travelled to Lebanon to cover the Syrian refugees in 2013, and has published feature stories about the cultural aspect of Kuwait. Currently, she co-founded Masaha studio and community art platform in Kuwait. Her other interests are, human and animal rights, environmental issues.