Thursday 01 March 2018

Celebrating the National and Liberation Days, the British Council held an array of events for students at their center last week. Attended by the Ambassador of the UK to the State of Kuwait Michael Davenport, the four-day event combined recreational activities with opportunities to learn and practice English in different real-life scenarios. The first day consisted of an Art workshop hosted by ArtSpace where aspiring artists worked with over 50 young students to create a large collective painting celebrating Kuwait and their love for their country. Students alongside their teachers worked in groups throughout the afternoon time while the older students were given the opportunity to contribute during the evening. The celebration also included a movie night followed by a relaxed get together to discuss the movie with their peers and teachers. Furthermore, the British Council invited Tarek Kabbani & Label Band to to light up the night with live music and light snacks on the third day of celebrations, while the final day was dedicated to the Art Gallery where the British Council gave their students an opportunity to showcase their talent which ranged from poems, paintings and photographs for all visitors to admire. British Council Country Director Michael Gordon said during the event: “This is the first time we have planned extensive celebrations for Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days.” Asserting that they are keen on providing students with experiences that go beyond the classroom and on ensuring that they connect with the local culture in honoring patriotic sentiments.