About this course

Our Conversation Course combines self-study vocabulary and pronunciation with intensive speaking practice.

Using material from a specially selected course book, you will do a variety of communicative tasks and your teacher will give you advice about how you can improve the fluency and accuracy of your spoken English.


Take a Conversation Course and you will:

  • Study with a qualified and experienced teacher
  • work in pairs and groups to discuss interesting topics 
  • use a material that provides you with key vocabulary and a range of speaking tasks for each topic
  • improve your pronunciation 
  • enjoy speaking English.


We have two levels of conversation courses. Conversation A2 is for students with an Elementary level of English and Conversation B1 is for students with a Pre-intermediate level of English. The course is designed to increase your active vocabulary and give you more confidence and control when speaking in English.

If you are new to the British Council, you will need to take a placement test to find out if you have the right level to do a Focus on Speaking course. Book a test by calling or by visiting the Kuwait English language centre.


Your teacher will assess your participation, pronunciation, fluency and accuracy, and suggest what type of course you should do next to continue to improve your English. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate giving details of your attendance and performance in class.

Where is this course taught?

Calendar and fees

Conversation courses are 20 hours, spread over six weeks. During the summer months, courses are usually spread over four weeks.

All classes take place at the British Council building in Al Mansouriya Kuwait. Our course schedule broadly follows the local school calendar, starting and ending in September. The dates of upcoming courses are:


Term 3 | 13 May 2015 until 18 June 2015


All our conversation courses cost KWD 120. You will also need to take a placement test which is free.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in further detail, please call us on +965 22515512 or email us at info@kw.britishcouncil.org. (Arabic speakers are available.)