Thursday 14 February 2019 -
19:30 to 21:00

On 14 February, Welsh band – 9Bach will perform along with Kuwaiti artist, Nawaf Gheraibah and his band at the Adulhussain Abdulredha Theatre in Salmiya under the umbrella of the 120 years season marking the friendship between UK and Kuwait .

9Bach formed in 2005 thanks to a chance meeting between Welsh singer-songwriter Lisa Jen and English guitarist Martin Hoyland. With their unmistakable sound of Welsh language vocals shimmering alongside swamp guitar, harp, rhythm section and a subtle use of technology, 9Bach have been widely credited with giving a new voice to Welsh song.

Nawaf Gheraibah, a University of Southampton alumnus, is a music composer who enjoys breaking cultural boundaries through music.  He finds music to be a form of enlightenment; a source of relaxation: a deep meditation. He believes that music is not confined to one form. Instead, he finds that blending the music of many cultures produces a rich harmonious sound.