Following the success of the first series of webinars in March on entrepreneurship and employability, we are launching the 2nd edition of the Webinar Series. This entirely new material builds on the initial series and will again include seven, live interactive webinars that give you the knowledge and skills to benefit your career.

So that you get the insights and perspectives that count, we have taken care to ensure that our Faculty is top-ranking in terms of track record and credentials and truly diverse in terms of nationality, gender and selection of universities. Participants will comprise of Gulf-UK Alumni who have graduated from  UK universities and from across industry and functional work experience. Given the diversity of managerial and academic talent, be prepared for a high level of engagement and the possibility for networking among participants.

The teaching methods and materials, will comprise a balanced mix of the latest research and practical application, giving you new insights and tools to succeed in your venture or workplace. You will be engaged, challenged and learn new ways of thinking.

Beamed across all six GCC countries, the series will run from October 23rd to December 4th 2018, every Tuesday at 4pm London time.

Come to join us and experience these life-changing insights. If you are already a member of the Kuwait-UK alumni network, you can register at links in the schedule below. If you are a UK University graduate, but not a member of the Network - click here to join the Network now before you proceed to register to the webinars.


Click here to access the recorded Webinar series


Faculty Track Topic
Dr Kate Daubney Employability What is your employability and how can you use it?
Sarah Campbell, FRSA Entrepreneurship Using design thinking to start a business
Professor Gurpreet Jagpal Entrepreneurship Being Entrepreneurial in the workplace
Dame Mary Marsh Employability How to succeed in teams and prepare for leading them
Dr Jeff Skinner Entrepreneurship What to do before you write a business plan
Professor Julian Birkinshaw Employability How to become a better manager
Viren Lall Employability Influence, persuasion and personal branding


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