Sami Yousef

Sami Yusif performing at the Kuwait Jaber Al Ahmad Culture Centre

Promoting diversity through culture and sports 

Building skills for the next generation through creativity, innovation and teamwork.

Our programmes in culture and sports help break down barriers to encourage participation in culture and sports across the Gulf region. Our showcase programmes have allowed cultural exchanges to take place between the UK and the Gulf, with a number of events which help build skills, teamwork and celebrate creativity and innovation.

In Kuwait these events have included:

Breaking down the barriers for new connections.

In collaboration with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, we organised an evening with world-renowned and internationally-acclaimed musician Sami Yousef. More than 600 people attended the concert in Kuwait Opera House (Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre) including ambassadors and public figures.


Promoting arts through photography workshops

Our partnership with Nuqat helped deliver workshops for the Art Jameel Photography Award (AJPA) in October 2016. The AJPA is one of the Art Jameel Initiatives and its mission is to discover emerging talents and develop their skills. It also promotes the art of photography and the achievements of the finest photographers to a diverse audience.


A total of 24 people took part in last year’s workshops and competition on the theme of ‘re-inventing imagery’. The goal was to encourage artists to break away from the familiar and commercial ways of looking at and using images through art.

Art Jameel Photography Workshops delivered by renowned Kuwaiti artist, Ali Al-Zaidi..

Creating opportunities for artists.

The British Council works to develop local creative industries, connect artists and audiences from Kuwait with the UK, take exciting new artwork from Kuwait to the UK and showcase UK culture here. We partnered with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters and the Nour Festival of Arts in the UK to promote Kuwait as the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2016. Hundreds of guests enjoyed cultural activities across London including music performances by Q8Tone and Lulu Al-Shamlan and a photography exhibition by internationally-known Kuwaiti photographer Ali Al Zaidi. 

Photography Workshop