Today it is more important than ever to demonstrate proficiency in English in your job application.

English qualifications are essential prerequisites for employment in many countries, including Kuwait. For many multinational companies in Kuwait and abroad, English is the corporate language and every new employee is expected to master it to be productive in their function. 

In addition, many local companies and organizations give priority to English speakers when they hire staff.

Having a good knowledge of English is a requisite in an increasingly globalized economy and in Kuwait, a country that is host to diverse nationalities. This is why an IELTS score will allow your CV to stand out, as it is the world’s most recognized English language proficiency test.  


The IELTS has now worldwide fame for the evaluation of all four English language skills: for work, study and life in general, at a high level. 

Because of this, IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide. These organizations include immigration bodies, employers, professional bodies, universities, and colleges.  

That's why millions of people support IELTS every year. In 2018 alone, 3.5 million tests were performed worldwide and, thus, it became the most popular English language assessment test in the world.

So with IELTS on your CV, you can show organizations in Kuwait and abroad that you have the language skills they are looking for.

Take IELTS with the British Council and avail of numerous choices for preparing and taking your test. 


  1. High-quality preparation resources: Once you enroll in an IELTS test with us, you will receive IELTS preparation resources, such as Road to IELTS, the IELTS Essential Guide, IELTS Ready Workshop and much more. Road to IELTS is the popular British Council online preparation course with nine videos providing advice and tutorials, 100 interactive activities and two practical tests for each of the four skills. 
  2. Dates and places for comfortable tests: We offer several test dates in a month. Furthermore, with more than 40 locations across the country, it is possible to book the test in a convenient location, at a time that is most suitable for you. 
  3. Easy to book: You can book your IELTS test online using your Visa or Mastercard. If you choose to pay off-line, you can visit the British Council offices or one of the IELTS Registration Centers spread around Kuwait.
  4. Possibility to choose: Now you have the possibility to choose between the IELTS test on paper or via computer. 

Not sure which IELTS test to take? We can help!

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