Sound Arts - Kuwait

“The greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life.” – Pablo Casals.

You have been to the galleries, you’ve seen and felt tangible pieces of art, but have you had the opportunity to hear it? To create it?

Our work in music covers a wide variety of genres, ranging from electronica and jazz to folk, classical and contemporary music. We work with our partners to plan, resource, deliver and evaluate high-impact arts projects involving professional artists and organisations from the UK.

We aim to strengthen the international profile of UK music and creativity, to communicate the diversity of UK society, and to establish long-term partnerships with Kuwaiti organisations and musicians.

British-Bahraini Artis and Trumpeter Yazz Ahmed

British Council in collaboration with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters are proud to introduce British / Bahraini Jazz trumpet/flugelhorn player and composer, rising star Yazz Ahmed and her quintet for the first time to the Kuwaiti society.

Showcasing her precise, warm and atmospheric sound will exhibit a performance of original compositions exploring the music of her Arabic heritage along with hypnotic Middle Eastern riffs and haunting melodies, fused with jazz and free improvisation that will create a constant flow, an organic arc to the performance, transporting the listener on an evocative inner journey..

Calendar of Events

10 MARCH 2015 | Musicians get together | Modern Arts Museum | Sharq | Arabian Gulf Street | 19:00 

11 MARCH 2015 | Yazz Ahmed and her Quintet | Modern Arts Museum | Sharq | Arabian Gulf Street | 19:00

Welsh-Iranian musician and sound artist Roshi Nasehi

The British Council, in partnership with Sound and Music, is now giving you the opportunity to participate in unconventional and exciting workshops held by Welsh-Iranian musician and sound artist, Roshi Nasehi.

Roshi is an experienced community music facilitator and we’re thrilled to collaborate with her in this chance to create an exciting participatory public art work in Kuwait. Roshi has infectious and exciting energy about her, and has a significant classical grounding in piano and singing, as well as being an experimental music creator in her own right.

Roshi Nasehi was in Kuwait from the 26th-31st of January 2014 and conducted research, delivered workshops and met with interested artists. She is very interested in really digging into Kuwaiti culture and embark on “sound gathering” missions to get a better grip into the sounds we hear in our local environment. She also met with interested local artists, whether they were sculptors, vocalists, painters, photographers or musicians. She will be returning in May 2014 to present a public art work entirely inspired by her trip.


Working with a number of partners in Kuwait such as LOYAC and Dar Al Athaar Al Islamiyah, and displaying our work in 3 high profile places in Kuwait; The Scientific Centre, The Avenues, and The Fish Market of Sharq , we are able to enrich and highlight certain aspects of the Kuwaiti customs and history via sounds such as the art of tin can boat building.

Coastal SoundWALK | Scientific Centre 22 | MAY 2014 | 16.00 – 19.00

An outdoor sonic journey guided by an audio track specially put together with vocal directions, atmospheres and reminiscences that will enhance your surroundings and encourage you to reconsider and reappraise their environment.

For more details and updates and to join this event experience please click here.

SoundVESSELS | The Avenues | 23 MAY 2014 | 16.00 – 19.00

A beautiful display of children writing their wishes on boats that they have built and set them for sail on a water fountains with the children from Loyac. Inspired by 'Al Adal'; the tradition of building toy boats from empty kerosene cans by the children of sailors.

PopupCHOIR | Fish Market | 30 MAY 2014 |  15.30 – 19.00

A choir orchestrated and arranged material with sonic exploration at the heart of the Fish Market, incorporating whispers, claps and site-specific positioning of voices to create panning and stereo effects. By a group of students to understand sound and space.


To sample some of Roshi’s music and learn more about her, please visit the links below.

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